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Friends of the garden
of Lucio Viatori

Foundazione Casa di Risdarmio di Goriza

In the enduring spirit of founder Professor Luciano Viatori, the Foundation Cassa di Risparmo di Gorizia is now maintaining the garden and the teachings of the Professor in the interests of the local community.

Free admission, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from late March to early June (from 15:00 to 19:00). Guided tours at 5pm

On other days guided tours are possible upon reservation.

Every year the exact opening and closing dates of the Garden are decided and communicated by the Carigo Foundation.

The garden

As friends of the garden, we at AGLV help and advise the Fondazione in the management of the botanical aspects of the garden and in the promotion of the garden to the public. In so doing we work at all times not for profit and undertake all of our work for the Foundation completely for free and as dedicated volunteers.

I nostri sostenitori

Giardino Lucio Viatori

Via Forte del Bosco 28
34170 Gorizia

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