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The garden

The garden was born in the 70s when Luciano Viatori, who was always fond of botany and gardening, bought a hill at the edge of town with great views over the city of Gorizia, with its castle, the Isonzo river, the sweeping Karst hills and the glorious Alps.

With perseverance, passion and determination Lucio Viatori wiped the wasteland, enriched with organic matter the soil with the addition of wood chips and reinforced the steep and landslides, creating works of consolidation, paths, steps and wooden bridges.

With his innate pragmatism, Viatori decided to construct the lake inside the crater dug by a bomb of the Great War and built an ingenious irrigation system in the fall, still in use today.

Professor Viatori has always thought that what separates the garden from any other human creation is the fact of being a place intended to be cultivated, that is a living entity and the living, where the plants, rather than the architecture, are the protagonists.

His love for all kinds of flowering plants and its continuous experimentation and research to introduce new varieties, have created a unique place, a botanical garden full of important collections, arranged in English landscape style.

The legacy left by Lucio Viatori is not only in the materiality of his garden but also in teaching what he wanted to convey: designing or working in the garden being guided by plants offers the possibility to create an experience that opens communication and mutual understanding between man and nature.

He always said that at the very moment in which you can enjoy the pleasure of growing and seeing a plant grow, we become aware of being part of a natural cycle, its slow pace compared to human but also its intrinsic beauty.

The Viatori garden has thus become a living projection into the future, the joy of each season and a sublime experience of time, space and dedication, managed and maintained not for profit by dedicated volunteers.

Amici del Giardino Lucio Viatori

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