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Visitors to the garden are asked to observe the garden rules, as they are summarised below.

Please note:

The thirty five year old L. Viatori Garden is a private garden that has been donated by its creator, Prof. Lucio Viatori, to the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia with a commitment to conservation, improvement and public openings during the flowering period.

Visitors are asked to observe the rules (behaviour guide) below when enjoying the garden.


Please see the Fondazione website for further information on opening days and times.

Schools, teachers and other groups should contact, via email or fax, the Fondazione to book a visit and to obtain information and promotional material beforehand.

Activities (Photo & Recording):

Photographic and video recording are allowed, at any time.

Professional activities are allowed only after authorisation by the Fondazione.


The Fondazione declines any responsibility towards the visitors with regard to damage to people and items due to the inobservance of the following dispositions, or if caused by other events (such as wind, the falling of trees and branches, broken windows or pots, insect or other animal bites, etc.). 

The garden is not guarded and the Fondazione is not responsible for the theft of visitors’ personal items. 

The Fondazione also declines any responsibility with regard to the non-observance of closing hours.

Countryside shoes and clothing are strongly suggested, as paths and steps in the garden may be wet or present obstacles to visitors. 

All visitors must comply with the following rules: 

It is possible to walk only on open paths and lawns. It is forbidden to step into the borders and to cross into closed areas of the garden. It is also forbidden to go near the water areas (the pond and the stream).

It is forbidden to collect flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits or any plant (or parts of). The public is also not allowed to touch, remove or move plant labels.

Parents must pay attention to the safeguarding of their children at all times. Outdoor play is not allowed in the garden (ballgames, kites etc.).

Smoking and picnics are not allowed in the garden and the public must take home any rubbish, which must be disposed off outside the garden.

Guides and teachers must keep order and pay attention to their group at all times.

Cycles, motorcycles and cars are not allowed in the garden.

The introduction of seeds and plants (even if dried out) to the garden is forbidden.

Dogs must be held on a short leash. Dog owners must bring plastic bags and remove any dog excrement.

The closest parking facilities to the garden are those of the Parcodi Piuma. Transport of those with disabilities and parking can be arranged with prior permission from the Fondazione.

Opening hours:

Giardino Lucio Viatori

Via Forte del Bosco 28

34170 Gorizia, Italia

For information on dates, times and visiting arrangements, please contact the property via:

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia.

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